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Havana on the inside

Havana will be re-launched as a renewed tourist destination

The 500th anniversary of Havana will be the opportunity to relaunch the capital as a renewed and updated tourist destination, said Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz.

Eusebio Leal: The 500 years of Havana are an opportunity

With the premise that the 500th anniversary of the town of San Cristobal is not a goal but an opportunity and a starting point, historian Eusebio Leal urged the city to recover its dignity during the presentation of the communication campaign for the anniversary.

History of a small palace in Cerro

There are many places in Havana, known because of its history, architecture and importance; but without a doubt, one of them is the so-called The Monkeys’ Farmhouse, whose entrance is on Santa Catalina Avenue and Palatino Street, in the Municipality of Cerro.

Havana: One of the World’s New 7 Wonders

Almost 500 years after its founding, Havana will officially receive on June 7 its status as one of the seven wonder cities of modern world, distinguished mainly by its mythical charm, its warm and friendly environment, and the charisma and joviality of its inhabitants.

In the footsteps of Martí: Havana Vieja (I) ( + Photos )

José Martí was born in Old Havana, and lived there during his first years of life. It is not rare then that in the ancient streets and buildings of that neighborhood, his treads still live through.