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Trump Increases Attacks on Venezuela with Total Economic Blockade

US President Donald Trump today increased his hostility against Venezuela by signing an executive order that extends sanctions imposed on that South American country to a total economic blockade.

Council of Ministers addresses national agenda

The Council of Ministers meeting for the month of July was held, presided by its President, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

Cubans Congratulate South African Communist Party on its 98th anniversary

The Embassy of Cuba in South Africa today commended the Communist Party for its struggle in favor of workers” rights and social justice, as well as its solidarity with the oppressed in the world.

Colombia Highlights Child Care in Cuba

Fortunately, in Cuba, there are no children deprived of family care or without state support, highlights a material published Thursday on the website of the Colombian Communist Party.

South African Ruling Party Expresses Solidarity with Cuba

The head of South Africa’s ruling party reaffirmed its solidarity with Cuba and demanded and end to the US blockade of the Caribbean island, according to a statement released on Wednesday in this capital.