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Aliens in Cuba

What seemed to be a close meeting of third grade, it was uncovered as a native mockery, led to commercial propaganda, when the door of the alleged flying soccer opened and from the inside, the most famous artists of the epoch came out.

Trump: ruling with reverse speed gear

Since Donald Trump took office, everything seems as though he was ruling backwards, at high speed, the policy and the economy of that country.

Cuba defends regular, organized and safe migration

Cuba will keep her migratory policy, guided to guarantee legality, regularity, order and security of human movements.

Cuban rights which North Americans do not enjoy

Some important changes have taken place in the bilateral relations; yet, last week the US Government through Samantha Power, its representative in U.N reaffirmed its false accusations related to alleged violations to human rights in Cuba.

Cuba: our duty, to outspread the truth

A hundred members of the twenty-fifth Puerto Rican Brigade “Juan Rius Rivera” are already in the “Julio Antonio Mella” International Encampment, which belongs to the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the People (ICAP), in Artemisa Province.