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Aliens in Cuba

What seemed to be a close meeting of third grade, it was uncovered as a native mockery, led to commercial propaganda, when the door of the alleged flying soccer opened and from the inside, the most famous artists of the epoch came out.

The history of the Finger Ring Of Cuba

Integral students of fourth grade in Guabanacoa are given a replica of finger ring worn by the National Hero of Cuba José Martí.

Donkeys that make history

Every country has its legends, which people weave as years pass, becoming sometimes true-mysteries that link like precious stones in the long and complex necklace of history. Many animals become part of those myths.

The first university woman in Cuba

The first woman who graduated from the University of Havana was Serafina Daume y Martínez, in 1879 according to the records of this High Institution.

The Story of the @ II

Stabile told the Italian newspaper La República that his search for “at” began with the Anglo-Saxon sense that was given to that typographical symbol: @ was a commercial symbol that meant “at the price of.”