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Carlos Puebla, Intimate

The qualities of poet and musician that late troubadour Carlos Puebla revealed in his creations, and especially those as an anti-imperialist fighter, main support of the musical work he bequeathed to his people, made him, as assessed by Cuba’s National Poet Nicolás Guillén, a unique artist; but the sensitivity of the “singer of the people” […]

Virgilio González: Inexhaustible Cuban Nature

Inexhaustible Cuban nature…such is the legacy of Virgilio González Solar, of western Pinar del Rio province. The creator of the classic “La Ola Marina”, and also of “Jacobo Basura,” “Es la Cubana”, “Rompe Saragüey”, “Muñeca de Bacarat”, “Clara”, and that piece in which a rose weeps for the absence of its gardener: “Le dije a […]

One of the Greatest of Cuban 20th Century Music

On August 4, 2010  Vergara ceased to exist. He was an outstanding composer born on February 19, 1926, in Havana; someone who left a prolific authorial list registered, among them boleros, son rhythms and guarachas.

Kino Morán: The voice that Toured Cuba

Maybe little remembered or forgotten in time, his musical history, robust and vital, left marks on those who knew him or on those who, like famous Cuban presenter Germán Pinelli, agreed to characterize him with one phrase: “There is not a stretch of Cuban soil that has not received the voice and presence of Mr. […]