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Cubans committed to saving energy

Cuban authorities agree this Thursday that ‘savings’ is the watchword in the midst of the energy shortage that the country is currently experiencing, where it seeks to maintain the most important services for the population despite fuel shortages.

Cuba to present United Nations report on blockade

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla will present, during a press conference this Friday, September 20, the country’s report outlining the full impact of the U.S. blockade over the last year.

Cuba Denounces Multi-Million Damages Caused by US Blockade

The US blockade on Cuba, imposed for almost 60 years, has caused losses to the island of over 138.843 billion dollars at current prices, an official source denounced on Thursday.

Increased Sanctions Mark US Policy to Cuba

The increase in sanctions in the banking-financial sector, which affect Cuban entities and third parties in frank violation of international law, marks at present the policy promoted by the United States toward the island.

US blockade against Cuba is Unacceptable, PCF Leader Claims

The US economic blockade against Cuba accounts is an unacceptable measure from every viewpoint, the leader of the French Communist Party (PCF) Jean-Charles Negre said today in this capital.