Cuban Foreign Ministry stresses importance of meeting with European Union

Picture: Cuban News Agency.

Picture: Cuban News Agency.

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted the relevance of the second Cuban-European Union Joint Council meeting, to be held in Havana on September 9, where both parties will review the state of implementation of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (PDCA) signed in 2016.

“Cuba has full relations with the EU, based on mutual respect,” Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said on Twitter.

“In the Joint Council we will exchange on the implementation of the #ADPC, cooperation and future dialogue on sectorial policy, trade and investment, including the #Helms-Burton Law and extraterritorial effects,” Rodriguez Parrila referred in another part of his message.

Rodriguez Parrilla and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, will chair the delegations.

On the other hand, this Tuesday, the first meeting of the EU-Cuba Joint Committee, that assists the Council in fulfilling its functions and obligations, will also be held in Havana.

On this occasion, the Cuban delegation will be led by Emilio Lozada García, Director-General for Bilateral Affairs at the Foreign Ministry, and that of the European Union by Hugo Sobral, Deputy Director for the Americas at the European External Action Service (EEAS).

The Foreign Ministry recalled in another tweet that ” Cuba-EU relations have as their regulatory framework the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (PDA), which establishes the conditions for the development of stable, mutually beneficial and long-term ties”.

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