Havanatur stands out at International Tourism Fair in Argentina

Photo: Prensa Latina.

Cuba’s major travel agency, Havanatur, stands out at the International Tourism Fair of Latin America (FIT), offering several vacational options, including those for young graduates, one of its latest proposals.

With a recurrent participation at the FIT in Buenos Aires, the company offers a wide range of options as part of Cuba’s stand, particularly in the lead up to the 500th anniversary of Havana in November.

With the premise of presenting Argentinean and other holidaymakers with Cuba’s wonders as a safe destination, Havanatur, which has operated in Argentina for 25 years, is attending the event with an amalgam of opportunities for those who have been seduced by the beauty of Cuban beaches, its natural landscapes, its traditions and culture.

Havanatur General Manager Adalberto Gonzalez told Prensa Latina that the company was promoting a destination par excellence, adding that a second group of young graduates, 150 students from the city of Rosario (Santa Fe province), will travel to Cuba on Tuesday or Wednesday to make their dream trip to Varadero beach.

He added that Havanatur is constantly updating its offer, and currently has a young and specialized team, adjusted to the new strategies and technologies to provide better services to clients.

We are already marketing the new options for the 2020 summer, explained Gonzalez, adding that Cuba’s natural beauty, its people’s friendliness and the safety of its destinations are some of the attractions.

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