Senator Accuses Trump Of Betraying Many With Trade Policy

Photo: Prensa Latina.

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris. Photo: Prensa Latina.

Democratic Senator and presidential hopeful Kamala Harris said in an interview broadcast Sunday that U.S. President Donald Trump ”betrayed many people” with his trade policies.

‘There are people who voted for him for a variety of reasons, and they had a lot to do with the promises he made, which he has not kept because they were false promises. He betrayed a lot of people,’ the California legislator said on NBC News’ Meet the Press.

According to Harris, the Republican ruler said he was going to help working families, from farmers to auto employees.

Many farmers who are evaluating filing for bankruptcy because of his so-called trade policy added the senator, who said the White House chief makes his determinations on Twitter and acts ‘a fragile ego’.

He pointed out that the trade war with China, fueled by Trump’s decision to impose controversial tariffs on the Asian giant, is the result of unilateral action that has led farmers to seek bankruptcy because they have soy rotting in containers.

Why? Because they cultivated a market for at least 10 years in China, and now it has been ripped off from them, she expressed as one of the best-positioned aspirants among the more than 20 Democrats seeking the party’s nomination for the 2020 election.

Trump announced earlier this month that beginning September 1 it will impose additional 10 percent tariffs on Chinese products valued at $300 billion annually, besides the 25 percent levies currently affecting that country’s $250 billion worth of goods.

The president continues with this controversial tariff policy despite the fact that analysts, legislators, companies and business groups have warned about the negative impact on the U.S. economy of the tariffs applied against China.

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