Regulations on self-employed business accounts changed

Resolution No. 904/2018 of the Ministry of Finance and Prices, published on Wednesday in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba, approves modifications in the operation of the business accounts of the holders of six of the self-employed activities approved last June.

Cuban President Confident in Link with the People

Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, expressed confidence in collective decision-making and the permanent link with the people.

New Group of Cuban Doctors Returns from Brazil

A new group of 204 Cuban doctors, mostly women, returned to Havana from Brazil on Tuesday.

Cuba’s energy, oil and gas conference kicks off in Havana

The 2nd Cuba Energy 2018 Conference will begin this Wednesday at the Meliá Cohíba Hotel, with the purpose of providing detailed information to all potential investors and companies interested in establishing joint ventures in Cuba in this field.

Cuba holds scientific event on brain death, disorders of consciousness

Specialists in Medicine, Advocacy and Bioethics from Latin America, the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa are starting an update on encephalic death and consciousness disorders at the VIII International Symposium on the subject.