Cuban Economy and Society in Debates on New Draft Constitution

Economic aspects and rights, duties and guarantees of citizens are some of the main issues under discussion at the Cuban Draft Constitution, the specialist of the National Archive, Silvio Facenda, said.

Cuban Natural and Traditional Medicine Demonstrates its Values

Cuba will demonstrate the comprehensive results of the protocols of the Natural and Traditional Medicine to other specialties like general medicine, neurosurgery and gastroenterology during a forum to be held from September 3rd to the 7th in Havana.

Cuban Light-welterweight advances to the Final of the Youth World Boxing Championships

Cuban light-welterweight Idalberto Umara defeated Jordanian Osama Samreen and advanced to the finals, to take place tomorrow, of the AIBA Youth Women’s & Men’s World Championships 2018 staged in Budapest, Hungary.

Outstanding Cuban Poet Carilda Oliver passed away

Carilda Oliver, National Literature Award and outstanding Cuban poet, passed away this morning at 96 years of age in her house, site in which she lived most of her life and from where she wrote her prodigal work.

Cienfuegos hospital fully restored after fire

Facilities damaged by a fire at the Gustavo Aldereguía Hospital in Cienfuegos were repaired in record time and were ready to restart services.