Draft Constitution Debated among Educators in Ciego de Avila

The draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba is a well thought out document because no one is left out, so it’s the population that must enrich, comply and defend it, said a worker of the Education sector in the province of Ciego de Avila Olivera Isern.

Ramiro Valdes Oversees Development Plan on the Isle of Youth

Cuba’s Vice President of the Council of State and Ministers, Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdes examined on Thursday the advances of the Comprehensive Development Program in the Isle of Youth.

World Literacy Day Celebrated in Cuba

A photography exhibition was inaugurated on Thursday at the Cuban National Commission of the UN Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) on the occasion of World Literacy Day celebrated every September 8th.

Cuba Rejects US Diplomatic Actions Against Nicaragua

Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno denounced today the US attempts to use the UN Security Council to attack Nicaragua and ratified Cuba”s rejection of that type of methods.

Bruno Rodriguez Met with the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla met on Wednesday in Havana with the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for Consular and Migratory Issues of the Dominican Republic Marjorie Espinosa who is on an official visit to the island to participate in the 10th Round of Bilateral Migratory Talks.