One of the Greatest of Cuban 20th Century Music

rolando-vergara-rodriguezOn August 4, 2010  Vergara ceased to exist. He was an outstanding composer born on February 19, 1926, in Havana; someone who left a prolific authorial list registered, among them boleros, son rhythms and guarachas.

Vergara Rodríguez was a glazier by trade, and later a composer. A diamond in hand, he managed to polish much of our musical repertoire, a sound glass coming out of the people and living in it -the same people that always applauded and rewarded him when they made their own songs like “Hermosa Habana,” “He venido,” “La nada, nada inspira,” “Yo bailo con Chana,” “Raíces Profundas,” “Únicamente el destino,” “No lo dejes para luego” and “Viejito tu charlestón,” among many others.

In the 1950s, the authorial life begins of Rolando Vergara began and in the 1960s, late great Benny Moré recorded his son-montuno piece “No lo dejes para luego.” From then on, many singers and groups of small format performed Vergara’s works and recorded them in disks, among them: Los Zafiros, the Orquesta Aragon, the Ignacio Piñeiro National Septet, Beatriz Márquez, Héctor Tellez, Gina León and several foreign groups and soloists.

For Rolando Rodríguez Vergara, more than leaving a list of creations, his contribution to Cuban culture, as he always said, was that of doing his bit where inspiration is cause and effect, motivation and a feeling of fulfillment; love in the most universal sense of the word; and definition as Cubans.

If humbleness had a reward after physical death or if the magical threads encouraging men to tour eternity existed, then Rolando Rodríguez Vergara would have a reward guaranteed.

Thank you, maestro, for so much good spread in favor of Cuban music. May these lines serve to acknowledge his talent and his permanence among the great musicians of 20th century Cuba.

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