Indignant Ignominy against Cuba, Piedad Cordoba Says

Piedad Cordoba. Photo: Prensa Latina.

Former Colombian Piedad Cordoba. Photo: Prensa Latina.

Former Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba on Friday has expressed a deep rejection against the intensification of the US blockade against Cuba, after describing it as a criminal act and a crime against humanity.

This is an infamy and an ignominy what the government of Donald Trump is doing with Cuba because the Cuban people sovereignly decided their fate, as Venezuela and Nicaragua, countries also harassed, did, the former presidential candidate told Prensa Latina.

The former congresswoman remarked that no country should be given the right to bloc another, attack it, try to suffocate it because it does not coincide with its form of government, because if that were the case, many in the world would have opted to bloc the United States because of its long list of excesses everywhere.

Renowned peace activist in Colombia and defender of the rights of the historically unprotected people in her country, Cordoba particularly condemned the activation of Title III of Helms Burton Act and the decision of the current US administration to prevent people to people group educational trips and prohibit the arrival of aircraft and boats to Cuba, such as cruise ships.

The entire humanity should rise up to prevent so much abuse against a nation that throughout its revolutionary history and, despite the genocidal blockade against it, it has not done anything but squander solidarity with the peoples worldwide, the former Colombian leader said.

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