Cuban Basque Pelota Players to Take Part in U22 World Championship

Picture: Internet

Picture: Internet

Cuba will participate in the 9th World U22 Championship of 36m Wall, to be held on October 23-29 in Biarritz, France, where 100 representatives of 9 countries will compete.

Ramsés Ortiz, trainer and head of the Cuban delegation, explained that the team is composed of Ronald Vega and Yoel Zayas, who will compete in the modalities of short wooden bat and paleta with leather ball, and Reynaldo Véldes and George Luis Barcelán in the specialty of bare hand, ACN reported on October 21.

According to the program issued by organizers, Cubans will debut on Monday, October 24, with the qualifying games against Spain, in individual bare hand and duo bare hand, and short wooden bat, as well as in leather paleta.

On October 25 they will play vs. Chile (leather paleta), while the following day they will do so against Argentina (individual and duo hand games and short wooden bat), and France (leather paleta); on Thursday, October 27, they will continue the qualifying stage vs. France (short wooden bat), and on Friday, October 28, against Mexico (short wooden bat).

The definition of positions, semifinals and finals will begin on Thursday, October 27.

Favorite teams are those of France, Mexico and Spain, the latter being the current absolute champion.

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